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About us


We are a professional global supplier of food vacuum sealers, food vacuum bags and rolls. In the past 15 years, we have provided high-quality products and after-sales services to many customers in Europe and the United States.


During this period, we have continuously improved our R&D and design capabilities, achieved greater breakthroughs in some areas, obtained a number of technological innovations, and led the development of the industry. In addition, we have also obtained various industry certifications including CE, RoHS, GS, ETL, NSF, and BSCI. Our knowledge and experience accumulate over time, and we grow together with our customers.


High quality and powerful functions are the most basic requirements, and we hope to do more.


These years of professional experience and know how have enabled us to continuously gain insights about the industry and customers. These insights help us break the rules and improve the user experience with innovation in details.


How to make vacuum sealing more convenient?
How to make food vacuum preservation more environmentally friendly and sustainable?
How to preserve liquid-rich food in a vacuum?
Must the Chamber Vacuum Sealer be expensive?
In addition to vacuum, can we find a storage method that is more suitable for certain specific foods, such as those that require breathing?


We kept asking ourselves and seeking answers, and finally formed Wevac's unique R&D Road Map.


We hope to bring these values ​​to end users, and hope to get the most authentic feedback from users. This is the original intention of Wevac.