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Wevac CV 12
Chamber Vacuum Sealer

Stunning vacuum performance even for liquids.

Handheld Vacuum Sealer Kit

Vacuum mason jars, wine bottle stopper, air-valve zipper bags

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    I have been an avid user of vacuum savers for many years and these bags are a perfect match for our needs. We buy barbecue chickens, pull the meat off and vacuum save them for weeks sometimes months with no ill effects at all. Great way to save money and time. Highly recommended
    Thomas P. Hunt
    This is my go to brand for Vac bags. They seem to be very durable with a high seal rate. I've been using them for many years now and they haven't failed. I have used them to sous vide as well, and never had any issues. They are prices reasonably and you get a large quantity. 
    Coming from cheap vacuum sealers, this thing is amazing. I use it primarily for Sue Vide steaks, but with this I can more comfortably seal things as fragile as fish! I literally cant find anything to complain about, this thing does everything it needs to do, and is easy to use and clean!
    The Wevac is great for food sealing big batches and to seal from outside within a short time. You can use a regular plastic bag as long as its strong! It's a great product and highly recommend for any kitchen, restaurant, cafe, anywhere where food storage is needed. Kudos Wevac for this product!
    Peter N.
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    I am in love with the Wevac Oil Pump 12 inch Chamber Vacuum Sealer, CV12 Turbo, plain and simple. I vacuum seal a lot in my home all year round, but the demand gets very heavy during hunting season. When this offer came up I could not claim it fast enough. Not only will this commercial grade unit give you a fantastic seal but it makes the work much faster. 
    We tend to do a lot of vacuum sealing at a time and have run into overheating issues with other machines requiring a rest period. This machine has yet to overheat on us and seals perfect every time. I can recommend this machine. 5 STARS
    The bags are organized in a box, they stay clean and the box is so easy to use, the smaller roll is in front of the bigger roll, there is a cutter so you can cut the bags at the length you need. And there is a panel on the side which will let you see if you are running out of bags. 100 feet eat. Very strong bags, well worth the cost in the end.
    Dennis L.
    Love the sous vide method of cooking. It works even better when you have a good product such as this one! Connections were great, no problems, the temperatures were on point, the cooking did the job, and the food came out amazingly!
    Beverly Shackelford
    Moving? Need extra storage space? Or just want to keep blankets clean and ready without the worry of insects or dust? This is the product you need! Bought several packages to use while moving across state and now using to store summer or winter clothing


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