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Wevac's 2023 Vacuum Sealer Bag Innovations

Oct 27,2023 | Sharon

Wevac has been working on enhancing our vacuum sealer bags. In this blog, we'll explore the improvements made to both Vacuum Sealer Bag Rolls and Precut Vacuum Sealer Bags, bringing you even greater convenience and value for your food storage needs.


Vacuum Sealer Bag Roll Keeper with Cutter:

Vacuum sealer bag rolls offer the flexibility to cut the desired length, reducing waste and accommodating various food sizes. However, cutting from a roll can be a bit inefficient, and these rolls tend to unravel. Wevac has addressed these issues by introducing a bag roll keeper with an integral cutter.

In its initial release, we offered two sizes: 8" x 150' and 11" x 150', which quickly gained popularity among our customers. Their valuable feedback has paved the way for our upgraded version. Let's delve into the improvements we've made:

  • Two rolls in one box: We now provide both 8" x 100' and 11" x 100' rolls in a single package, offering even greater value and convenience for your food storage needs.
  • Viewing window: We've added a viewing window to the keeper, allowing you to always know how much roll is left. No more guesswork!


Precut Vacuum Sealer Bags with Keeper:

precut vacuum seal bags

While vacuum sealer bag rolls provide versatility, some users prefer the convenience of pre-cut bags. Wevac understands the need for time-saving solutions and offers precut vacuum sealer bags, complete with a keeper box for easy storage and access.

Initially, we provided two popular sizes: 6" x 10" and 8" x 12", catering to both single-person and family-sized meal preparation. In our upgrade, we're offering an even more convenient solution:

  • Two sizes in one box: Now, when you purchase a single box, you'll receive both the 6" x 10" and 8" x 12" bags. This means you can cater to a variety of food storage needs without separate purchases.


Wevac's dedication to enhancing your food storage experience is evident in our improved products year after year. With added convenience and value, you can confidently store your food, reduce waste, and simplify your kitchen routines.