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What is the difference between an external vacuum sealer and a chamber sealer?

Jun 06,2022 | Sharon

In this era when resource conservation and rational consumption are highly valued, vacuum sealer, a machine that can hugely extend the shelf life of food or other items, is popular among millions of households. We have seen various kinds of vacuum machines, such as the external vacuum sealer and the chamber vacuum sealer. And what are the differences between them? How should you pick the one that suits you better? Here we have a summary.


chamber vacuum sealer vs. external vacuum sealer


How they work?

The external vacuum sealer works with the bag outside the machine, and it sucks the air out of the bag. The chamber vacuum sealer requires the bag to be placed inside the machine chamber, and it pumps out the air from the chamber, including the air in the bag, to make a truly airtight seal.

For what items?

Since the suction force of the external machine is concentrated at the front of the bag, while sucking away the air inside the bag, it also extracts the liquid. So, this type of machine is not suitable for liquids or juicy items, but better for solids. The chamber vacuum sealer is more versatile, as it covers everything that an external vacuum sealer does, but it can also perfectly seal liquids, such as soups, marinades, and moist foods.

For what bags?

External vacuum sealers require embossed bags, while chamber sealers are compatible with all types of bags, including the more affordable smooth vacuum sealer bags.

What are the sizes?

External vacuum sealers are more minor, generally about 15 x 5 x 4 inches, while chamber ones are larger, typically even bigger than 12 x 13 x 8 inches.

What are the prices?

According to our market research, external vacuum sealers are between $40 - $150, while the chamber styles are commonly between $280 - $1000.


To sum up, chamber vacuum sealers outperform the external ones in sealing effect, and are compatible with a broader range of bags and more items. However, it has the disadvantage of occupying a larger area and being more expensive accordingly. To decide whether you need to buy a chamber vacuum sealer, read our next article. Do I need to buy a chamber vacuum machine, and how to choose the right one?