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What are the main types of sous vide cooker?

Aug 26,2022 | Sharon

Sous vide, French for "under vacuum", is a popular cooking method in both commercial and home kitchens these days. This technique features cooking at a low-temperature range and precise temperature control in a vacuum.


Benefits of sous vide

  • Cooking at low temperatures allows you to customize the best texture of the food
  • Precise temperature control ensures consistent and perfect results every time you cook
  • The vacuum environment prevents food from oxidation and retains nutrients


Main types of sous vide cooker

There are currently two main types of sous vide cookers: immersion circulator and water oven. They both work well and it depends on your preference to choose one. About what you should take into consideration, you can read another article: Sous vide cooker buying guide


Immersion sous vide cooker

Immersion sous vide cookers, also immersion circulator, includes a heater for warming water, a pump to promote water circulation for more even heating, and a temperature controller for constant and precise heating.

wevac sous vide cooker


  • Easy storage—fits neatly into a kitchen drawer
  • User-friendly touch display
  • Water-resistant for long-term use


Water bath sous vide cooker

Different from the immersion circulator, the water bath sous vide cooker (water oven) is self-contained, without the need for an extra water container. This type of sous vide cooker is more popular in commercial kitchens.

water ovens


  • Larger control panels that are easy to operate
  • Special water circulator, more even heating
  • Powerful pump design and stable temperature control