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Is a sous vide cooker worthwhile for home use?

Jun 08,2022 | Sharon

sous vide steak with Wevac sous vide cooker and vacuum sealer bags

Having cooked sous vide for quite some time, I would say that sous vide cooker is an excellent investment. It has the following advantages:


  1. Increasing the quality of your dishes

Sous vide cooking is superior in terms of uniformity of cooking results, food texture, and nutrition. With precise temperature control, you can achieve any level of food doneness you choose, assuring consistent results every time and zero errors. It is possible to heat the meal uniformly by utilizing water as the heating medium. The consistent water temperature also prevents overcooking, so you don't have to worry about your food getting tough and chewy. More of the food's fluids and nutrients can be kept via vacuum packaging.

 juicy sous vide steak

  1. Optimizing your cooking experience

When grilling meat for an extended period of time, for example, a large amount of fume will be produced. Even turning on the range hood will make the noise unpleasant. Sous vide, on the other hand, is a low-noise cooking method that produces little air pollution. It takes a short time if you want to sear, grill, or fry your food in the final step.

tidy cooking space

  1. Flexible cooking time

Sous vide is a method of cooking that allows you to leave the food alone after vacuum sealing it and placing it in a water bath. You don't have to keep an eye on your food all the time, worried about its condition. During sous vide, you may go to work, relax, do other dishes, or take a nap. You may even start the machine at any time and any place using the app control capability.

Wevac app control

  1. Saving money

Sous vide is a great technique to save money on food whether you have a large family or a tiny household. You can buy meats in bulk at lower prices and then package them using vacuum sealer bags, and store in your freezer. Whenever you cook, you can directly place the portioned meat into the water bath for sous vide. In addition, since sous vide cooking can improve the texture of the cheaper cuts of meat, you can save money from buying the expensive cuts. You can also save on restaurant meals because you can make the same quality dishes at home.

sous vide steak served

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